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Not only do we provide a better value than any consignment store, but we offer your clothes to your followers and give you the chance to grow your brand on a more personal level. Plus we give you the opportunity to pay if forward to those in need. Sounds like #winning all around!


W H A T    W E    O F F E R   Y O U

A   S I M P L E    P R O C E S S

You let us know when you plan to gather some items to sell. We send you a prepaid shipping label. You put your goodies in a box and they head straight to us. We organize and price out all the items.
We set a launch date and then we go live with the sale. We ship the items to the customer and we send you a report of the sales.


It’s all pretty simple, but there are two key factors that make us unique. First, we are your consumer, so we understand how the average gal scrolling Instagram wants her buying experience to be. So we’ve made it super simple and personal. We are about the customer and we care about your reputation, so we treat every customer with utmost care and a good ol' dose of Southern hospitality.

Second, by offering our services to all influencers we’ve created a way for users to discover other influencers they might not have heard of yet. Giving you the chance to grow your network and keep inspiring us with your fashion and lifestyle alike.

W H Y   U S ?


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